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A brief introduction to Swarm Learning (SL)

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Estimated figures show that one autonomous vehicle can generate terabytes of data per day. The data is used to train the machine learning model so the car can make timely decisions on the road.

Hospitals apply machine learning to identify diseases faster. These applications are critical, especially for highly contagious…

Brief history, characteristics and basic syntax

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Python programming language is one of the easiest to read and learn as a beginner. It’s particularly popular nowadays in data science and machine learning applications.

Guido van Rossum created the Python language in the late 80s / early 90s. While working on a distributed operating system called Amoeba, he…

Organize your data into rows and columns and export to a Common-separated Values (CSV) file

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This short tutorial shows how to create a data frame (rows and columns format) using Python and the Pandas tool.

pandas is a fast, powerful, flexible and easy to use open source data analysis and manipulation tool,
built on top of the Python programming language.”

I’m only touching the tip…

You can produce great content no matter the source code you use Standard license purchased by the author.

Some of us, software developers, overthink a lot when blogging. I certainly do.

I want to publish it more consistently as a tech content creator. But I’m always limiting myself in the type of articles I should write.

The fact an implementation is already explained in many other blogs or…

I cover the training, service and client implementation. The service receives an image of a hand-written digit between 0 and 9 (tensor format) and guesses which number the image represents

Image by the author.

In one of my articles on deep learning, I teach how to implement a simple image recognition system. The program does everything coded in one file — dataset loading, model definition, training and evaluation.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to save the model and load it from…

Introduction to Google Colaboratory, a tool that lets you execute Python code in the browser using GPU for free Standard license purchased by the author.

If you’re a beginner in deep learning and find it too slow to run the tutorials, or perhaps you faced a “CUDA” related error — don’t worry. Google Colaboratory (Google Colab) is a free and straightforward solution.

Google Colab is a free Jupyter notebook hosted on Google cloud that allows…

Is the generated summary any good?! Learn the code and see a comparison between the system generated summary and one written by me Standard license purchased by the author.

Machines are getting better and better at Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. You give a topic to “AI writers”, such as Jarvis, AI Writer or the GPT-3 API, and they write for you.

NLP advances have been primarily because of something called “Transformers”. A Transformer is a deep learning model…

Get started with deep learning by coding a simple neural network that recognizes images of hand-written digits Standard license purchased by the author.

In this post, I explain a simple neural network implementation using the PyTorch framework. I go through each step of the code, and in the end, you should learn basic concepts of deep learning from a practical perspective.

The neural network is trained on a dataset (MNIST) comprised of thousands…

Understand it, and getting into deep learning will become less of a struggle (still a struggle, but less)

Figure 1. From the ground truth to prediction using deep learning. Image by the author.

This short post is for beginners who are starting on linear regression and are climbing their way into the deep learning field. But I’m not addressing these topics in-depth in this article.

My intent is only to give an idea of why linear regression can facilitate the path into deeper…

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